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New York 26 @ Oklahoma City 6

Diary From The Gridiron
(Editor’s Note: Donna Spilatros — who works in the accounting department of Oxygen Media — plays for the New York Sharks of the Women’s Professional Football League, which opened its season October 14. This is the fourth entry in her weekly “diary.”)

November 10, 2000

Dear Diary,

It was our first flight out of New York. We were heading to Oklahoma City to play the Wildcats. Our team was so excited to go on this trip. It didn¹t matter how long the trip was. We were ready to go and play our hearts out. Our flight was at 9:45 a.m. We had to fly to Dallas and take a bus trip to Oklahoma City. What a trip that was. It was a four-hour flight and then a five-hour bus ride. Needless to say, it was a long trip to take before a game. The game was scheduled for 8 p.m. (Central Time). We pulled up to the stadium exactly one hour before game time. The Oklahoma Wildcats staff was very accommodating and very professional to our team. They gave us as much time as we needed.

It was a cool, misty, rainy night in Oklahoma. The field was very muddy and hard to run on but we made the best of the situation. We came out strong. We felt good and our offense was clicking. We scored early in the game to make the score 6-0 on a run down the sideline by Valerie Monaco (Peanut) and the extra point was good to make the score 7-0. Our strong, unstoppable, powerful defense led by Val Halesworth blocked a kick and Missy Marmarole jumped on the ball in the end zone to score her first career touchdown, which made the score 13-0. We had one more score in the first half, a two-yard run by Halesworth to go up 20-0 at halftime.

We felt good at halftime. Coach Al went over some plays in the locker room. We came out in the second half a little more relaxed with our 20-0 lead. The Wildcats came out and scored first in the second half to make it 20-6.

In the third quarter, our quarterback, Carol Rose, threw a 30-yard pass to Lori Devivo, which she ran for another 30 yards for the touchdown. Our defense held the Wildcats to no more scoring in the game.

The final score was New York Sharks 26, Oklahoma City Wildcats 6.

It was a great feeling to travel all the way to the Midwest and come away with a victory. It made the trip all the more worth it. After the game, we went back to our hotel, where the team hung out and had a good time. It seemed like a much faster trip home, but it was still long. We didn¹t arrive in Newark airport until early morning. It was a great trip and now we¹re getting ready for the Miami Fury this Saturday at Mitchell Field in Long Island. Game time is noon.

All the best,


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