Monthly Archives: February 2001

Coach’s Corner

Hello everyone:

The team played extremely well in our opener against the New England Storm making owner Andra Douglas extremely proud. On a beautiful, sunny day, our 20-0 victory was the result of timely offense, great defense and opportunistic special teams play. The team was especially proud to play so well in front of the many fans who made the trip After all, it is your support, as always that helps drive the players to do their best.

The offense exploded for all 20 points in the second quarter. Led by Halfback Kathy Holloman’s 134 yards and two touchdowns and anchored by solid performances by the interior of the offensive line including Center Aurora Lighthart, Guards Beth Nugent, Amalia Hilliard and Anna “Tonka” Tate and Tackles Deb Wasilewski and Nikki Cerrato, we were able to handle New England’s multiple blitzing package and extremely physical defensive line well. The blocking of the receiving corps, led by Flanker Valerie “Peanut” Monaco, who scored our third touchdown, was also instrumental to our success.

On defense, solid performances by each of the linebackers, led by Missy Mamorale whose critical sack stopped one drive and who forced a fumble to thwart another, held the New England offense in check the majority of the game. The defensive line made critical plays during the opening drive of the third quarter and was instrumental in our goal line stand, which kept the score at 20-0 and essentially sealed the victory. The secondary led by veteran Free Safety Val Halesworth and Strong Safety “Blue” Hall virtually shut down the opponents passing game.

The special teams ensured that we won the battle of field position. Our Kicker Peanut Monaco and Punter Aurora Lighthart consistently kicked well and our coverage, which included a spectacular hit by Cha Chi Leon refused to allow New England significant return yardage. Our punt return team recovered a bad snap from center that led to a score.

Unfortunately, as thrilling as the victory was for us, as we prepare for our next game in North Carolina, we look to the players who are so important to us and who at the time of this writing are listed as questionable for Saturday. Each of them was injured during the game and those who cannot play will be missed. Football is a tough game and the time we have spent together has brought us closer. We wish each of them, including Amalia Hilliard, Monica Marsh, Kathy Holloman, Deb Grim, Kellie Eckstein, Missy Mamorale and Val Halesworth a speedy recovery. We also miss our teammates who were injured before the season started.

A final note: A fan has asked why we punted with so little time on the clock. (Thanks Dan King) That is a great question and just what I am looking for The Corner. The reason I decided to punt instead of running out the clock was that I felt the punting team needed the work. Although they are so important to the final result, not enough time is dedicated to special teams and nothing replaces repetitions that occur in game situations. Had the score been closer or the final result not determined, I would have done as Dan suggested.

Thank you.