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Shark Tryouts and Kid’s Camp

Queens Times

Last weekend I went out to CowMeadow Park in Freeport to spendthe day with the 2002 NationalChampionship New York Sharks…women’s tackle football team…but I guess you know thatalready. They had this one-day Sharon Pascale mini-camp for young girls ages 7-17. Members of the #1 voted team were on handto teach the girls to play soccer, basketball, softball, and, of course,football. They came from all over the tri-state area.

But, alas, that wasn’t enough for the day’s event. The first offour tryouts for the 2003 season also took place. If anything, youhave to be quite agile to go throughthe drills. From there the hopefulsget to participate in a mini-campnext February. That’s when theyput on the gear and see if they’reready for tackling, or being tackled.

Amongst the women was oneQueensite, Leilani Farol fromLong Island City. NCAAVolleyball is her thing, but like starQuarterback Val Halsworth, herfootball experience rested on playingin the streets with her brothers.Rosa Prager, for instance, has abackground of soccer, softball andbasketball. Karen Mulligan, one ofmy top picks, wanted the opportunityto participate in a sport thatshe never got to play. Herbackground is in softball, soccerand basketball. Chantal Bauerplayed touch football with herfriends and although she was enthusiasticabout softball and icehockey, she carries her disappointmentof “not being able toplay with the guys”.

-by Merle Exit

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