31 Amber Terrell

Amber Terrell
5' 6"
Current Team
New York Sharks
2014, 2015

Last year, Amber Terrell saw a clip on the internet of Sam Gordon doing her thing on the football field. It was that young girl’s guts and bravery that finally caused her to find a way to play this sport.

Amber is a newborn/infant specialist, or so she likes to call herself. She graduated from Bethany College in Lindsborg, KS with a BA in Elem. Education, but fell in love with very early childcare shortly thereafter and hasn’t looked back. She has been nannying for over 10 years. While at Bethany, she played point guard on their basketball team all four years and left fullback on their soccer team for a year.

Post college, Amber has enjoyed getting involved in all kinds of sports including rowing, boxing, and rugby…however, she has never been this motivated to try a new sport before. She loves being a part of a team, and is excited to learn all she can from the veterans.