5 Anabel Rodriguez

Anabel Rodriguez
Defensive Back, Wide Receiver
5' 7"
Current Team
New York Sharks
2007, 2008

Anabel Rodriguez, also known as “Bell”, is a new member of the NY Sharks.

“I hope to have a long journey with the Sharks, because with this team, not only do we unite as one as a whole, but individually you find yourself becoming one with your heart, soul and mind. Here, you find reason and behind that reason, is passion. We make each other better. The desire, want and will is all reason in itself. Football, is another world, an unknown world for many like myself. One I did not know existed at this level. The moment i was introduced and it all began is the moment I fell in love. For those who don’t believe in love at first sight. I do!”

Bell’s hometown is Belleville, NJ and she has been living here all of her life. She’s been playing sports since the age of seven. She was a tri-athlete in softball, basketball and soccer and a four-year varsity starter in all three sports in high school. In 2000, Bell attended New Jersey City University in Jersey City for three years where she played softball and basketball for two years. She is now a supervisor for UPS and is planning on finishing her education.

“As a kid I had a vision and within time it didn’t seem to go towards the path I had planned. However, through my walk ways, I did find (or shall I say