26 Caprece Gray

Caprece Gray
5' 4"
Current Team
New York Sharks
2013, 2014, 2016, 2018

A Queens, NY native that has always had a deep love for sports; especially basketball and football. As a kid growing up you could always find her at the nearest park either playing basketball or two hand touch football with the boys. Caprece loved the energy, power and aggression that the game of football represented, Even though Caprece put all her focus and athletic drive into basketball there always remained a spot in her heart for the game of football. Spending most of her childhood and adolesecent years playing basketball Caprece never gave up hope that one day she would be able to put on her very own helmet, lace up her cleats and hit the field to play real football. This all seemed like nothing more than a dream; A dream that she never thought would be possible until she found the NY Sharks.Off the field Caprece “Muzyk” Gray puts her drive, dedication, and hardwork into building and growing C.I.R Nation a Media company that spotlights the music, fashion, talents, and stories of dominate/aggressive women. Caprece balances all her hardwork with spending time with her grandmother, loved ones and first love; Music.

With your help and support Caprece would be able to take her dream of playing professional tackle football and turn it into a reality. This being her rookie season Caprece is very excited, anxious, and ready to hit the field and give it 110%. Any form of support is greatly appreciated in the pursuit of reaching the goal line.

“I would just like to take this time to say Thank You in Advance for all the love and support; I am greatly appreciative for each and everyone of you. See Ya at the games !”