16 Chrissy Diorio

Chrissy Diorio
Cornerback, Receiver
5' 3"
Current Team
New York Sharks

This well-traveled shark is in her first season with the team. With her Biology degree, Chrissy has researched humpback whales in Maui, Hawaii, and taught Marine Biology to students as she sailed the eastern seaboard as a deckhand aboard the tall ship schooner, Lady Maryland.

More recently, Chrissy has just returned from traveling the globe for several years, working with an organization that cares for the children of Africa who have been orphaned by the ravages of war and disease. “Working with these children really helped me put things into perspective. They are so grateful for anything they have and they praise God no matter what is going in their life. They showed me how to love God unconditionally.”

Chrissy has never been afraid of challenges as she proved by running the Marine Corps Marathon in 1997, in addition to her newest one – working as a part-time actress, not to mention playing pro football with the New York Sharks!