73 Denise Drayton

Denise Drayton
Defensive Line
5' 10"
Current Team
New York Sharks

Denise has held football near and dear to her heart as her favorite sport, from her childhood in Jersey City, NJ and throughout her life. From strategic player placement competitions against her brother, Ronnie, on the magnetized, vibrating football board games, to playing football in cleared out fields and gaining skills to move past the proverbial ‘last-pick”… Denise was able to play in an occasional impromptu pick-up game over the years and also played in a flag football league.

Being labeled a “prissy-tomboy” has never bothered Denise. Although she has always been very athletic and competitive, Denise never really enjoyed getting dirty, scratched, bruised or messing up her nails. Full of excitement and enthusiasm, Denise says, “Having this experience is truly a dream come true and one to check off the bucket list. Being in community with this eclectic family of women from such diverse backgrounds is enriching. We must live our lives fully and teach others to DREAM THE IMPOSSIBLE…DO THE INCREDIBLE! Thank you, NY Sharks, for this opportunity.”