18 Jen Lueck

Jen Lueck
5' 9"
Current Team
New York Sharks

Jen Lueck was a Computer Automated Design operator from Denver, Colorado. She relocated to New York to quarterback for the New York Sharks Professional Women’s Football team.

An organized athlete since the age of four, Jen went on to play at the high school level with a combined total of 11 years at the varsity level (in three sports) with a combined 8 years as team captain and 5 years as MVP.

As a senior she received the honor of “US Marine corps Female Athlete of the Year” award for the State of California. She put herself through college on a double scholarship in soccer and softball, where she also seved as team captain for 2 years.

In February, 2000 she was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident that threatened to end her athletic career. After months of physical therapy she returned to athletics serving as a starting quarterback. She is proud and excited to be playing quarterback for the New York Sharks in the 2001 season!