20 Jennifer Melendez

Jennifer Melendez
Current Team
New York Sharks
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Jenn M. Melendez was born and raised in Brooklyn, by her single mother of four. Being raised in BK with her family and friends, she knew how hard her mother worked on giving them all they needed. Jenn realized that growing up with an absent father would make it harder.
Her older brother Steven took the place of their dad not being around. Everything Steven did lil sis Jenn wanted the same. Seeing her brother as such a great athlete made Jenn become one as well. Jenn has been playing sports ever since she can remember. Basketball became on of her favorites. Being on the court always made her happy.
Jenn went on to New Dorp High School and played basketball. As a sophomore she made the varsity team. Playing basketball was in her everyday life. She played for her high school, but never graduated. Jenn then made it her business to go back to school. She then attended T.C.I. (Technical Career Institutes) a college of technolgy. There she played 2 years of college basketball for her school. In 2008, after studying, Jenn received her G.E.D and associate degree in H.I.T. (Health Information Technology). Ever since then she wanted to get back into sports.
Having a younger sister and brother made her want to be a better person. Jenn being a tomboy made her a better athlete. Growing up with all her guy cousins and friends made her a stronger person. Loving all sports made her want to try football. So now Jenn is here trying to make one dream come true: being able to play the game again and play tackle football. She loves basketball and now wants to play and love football too.