72 Kate Russo

Kate Russo
Current Team
New York Sharks
2001, 2002

Kate Russo happened to stumble across the site for the WPFL as she was looking on line for a gift for a friend. ” I then saw that they were having try-outs for other teams and came across the NY Sharks…. I guess I am just lucky!!!”

Kate is a freshman at Ramapo College majoring in Nursing and minoring in theater. She is also a mother of 3. “One beautiful nine year old who is biologically mine and 2 that I have been blessed to adopt through foster care. They are each 2 years old . One handsome boy and another gorgeous baby girl.”

She is waiting for her knee to heal from a torn ACL she suffered in mini-camp. “Everything will hopefully fall into place, with all the heart and soul we all put into this sport everyday–weather its in the field or on the sidelines.”