56 Lynn Lewis

Lynn Lewis
5' 8"
Current Team
New York Sharks
1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004

Lynn Lewis has been playing football with many of the women on the team in flag for about fifteen years. She has coached the Brooklyn T-Devils a/k/a TNT for 8 years and won seven national championships. Sharon Pascale, Niki Cerrato, Anna Tate, Lori Devivio were players on some of these teams.

Played in the first tackle game against Minnesota in December of 1999. She has played against the owner Andra Douglas and other Sharks who were on various flag teams for years and that’s how they all heard about tackle together and were contacted by the Minnesota team and asked to put together a team to play them.

“Playing football for the love of the sport..it’s the best. And the chance to compete against other women athletes from all over in a sport I truly love is awesome. I hope the enthusiasm, support and encouragement for the players and a league format will continue to grow.”

She loves all sports. Play softball, basketball, racquetball, volleyball. Was a ranked tennis player?

In real life she’s a lawyer specializing in real estate, corporations and matrimonial.