70 Marcie Kowalski

Marcie Kowalski
Defensive Line, Offensive Line
Current Team
New York Sharks
2008, 2009

A country girl in the city. Thats how rookie Marcie Kowalski describes herself. She grew up in Huntington, Oregon a small town of 535 people. To keep herself busy she dove into sports both organized at school and outdoor sports. In high school, she was a four sport athlete which culmunated her senior year with several acculades including two state championship titles. While attending the University of Redlands, she was a two sport athlete concentrating on basketball and track and field. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and applies that today as she works in promotional marketing and consulting. Marcie is also a plus size model and has been fittingly nicknamed Runway by her fellow rookies.

When asked why she wanted to play football she replied, “I joined the Sharks not just for their storied history and opportunity to play but for the team spirit that I have been missing since college. Making this team and working towards a National Championship with some of the best women’s football players in the country is such an honor. I hope to make the Vets proud.”