24 Nichole Kieltyka

Nichole Kieltyka
Free Safety
Current Team
New York Sharks
2013, 2014, 2015

After obtaining her BS in Athletic Training from Sacred Heart University in 2007, she began working as an ATC while pursuing her MS in Clinical Nutrition which she completed in 2012. Nichole is a player who is earning a second chance at a sport she has always loved. Growing up playing all types of sports, when she was 10 years old Nichole wanted to play football but her mother wouldn’t let her because she is a girl and couldn’t play with boys. Now Nichole has the opportunity to play tackle football and is grateful to have the love and support of her family and friends. Nichole is glad to be back on a team and is excited to get her rookie season started.

“Please consider adopting me to support my dream to play football. Any support and love you show is greatly appreciated and I love you all for it. Hope to see you in the stands!!”