24 Raven Marshall

Raven Marshall
Running back
5' 2"
Current Team
New York Sharks
2001, 2002

Raven Marshal played for the National Women’s Football League’s Nashville entry last year. Once she moved to New York she looked up the Sharks on the WPFL website. She emailed for information and subsequently made the team.

She enjoy spending time writing in her journal, listening to music, working at her job in the neonatal intensive care unit, playing with her two rottweilers, spending time with all of her family, putting model cars together, going to the movies, following the nfl and wnba and playing football.

“I will know i have made it as a professional football player, when i can focus on perfecting my game. Yes, a household name would be ideal, but there are many of professional athletes who are household names, that don’t play to their potential. As it is now, my career is as a physician assistant in a neonatal ICU, that is my main focus throughout the week. Although I love my job, as an athlete I would appreciate the time and financial support to perfect my game. To me, that would be when i’ve become a professional woman football player.”