28 Samantha Peluso

Samantha Peluso
Linebacker, Running back
5' 6"
Current Team
New York Sharks

Samantha was a child of extremes. Full of imagination and energy, she never quite understood the meaning of limitations. If she wasn’t listening to Disney fairy tales on her 45s, she was playing pick-up football games with the boys. When asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, Samantha outlined her plans to be an astronaut AND a doctor. She went on further to explain that when she was in town (aka on the planet) and nobody was sick or hurt, she would work her third job as a garbage lady because it would be “so cool to ride on the back of the truck!”

Samantha hasn’t changed much. She continues to be fanatical about two things: football and Disney. Although she isn’t a garbage truck-riding doctor in space, she does one day plan to be the CEO of Disney, so she can help ensure the magic continues. She’d also like to find a way to buy her favorite NFL team