38 Tina Prickett

Tina Prickett
Defensive Back, Running back
5' 4"
Current Team
New York Sharks

Tina Prickett was born and raised in the woods of south Jersey as an only child of Leonard and Tina. Her father raised Tina with manners, morals and a knowledge of how to play sports. She’s been playing sports since the age of five. Upon her parents divorce, Tina’s father remarried which gave her the coolest sisters and little brother on the block: Casie, Kathleen, Sarah, Victoria and LJ.

In high school Tina was a three-sport varsity athlete: soccer, indoor track and softball. She played ASA softball for two years with the New Jersey Diamondbacks. She then went to Gloucester and played soccer, basketball, track and softball. Finally, Tina was recruited by Division 1 Long Island University for soccer and lacrosse.

Tina recently moved back to the states from England where she coached lacrosse and taught Physical Education.

Why does Tina want to play football?

“When I was younger my dad and I would watch football every Sunday and he would tell me his glory stories about playing. During commercial breaks I would stand across the living room and have a catch with a little yellow plastic football. He would dare me to try and get past him “44 yard line”… And he wonders why I want to play?”

“I’d like to thank Andra and Coach Vance for being so accommodating and allowing me this opportunity to turn my living room dream to a field reality