“Black and Blue” – Book


The Time to be heard is NOW!
The gifted Ms. Douglas tells this inspiring story of overcoming obstacles with sweetness and hilarity, offset by just the right doses of nostalgia, forgiveness and clear-eyed introspection.
— Marianne Elliott, Tony Award winning Director

In the Deep South, football is a religion and even as a young girl, Christine dearly loved the game. Her passion to not only watch, but actually play and excel, was apparent. However, by the time she reached her teens, the South’s particular message that women are second-class citizens had seeped in. ‘Black and Blue’ is a book about what happens during her poignant, hilarious, ofttimes demoralizing but ultimately successful journey into a world few people know about—-the wild west of women’s pro football. From her roots in the Deep South to the streets and boroughs of New York City this is a book about coming of age, and the vivid characters who impact Christine along the way. When the unexpected opportunity to finally play tackle football comes along, Christine must purchase the New York Sharks, a pro tackle franchise, to keep her dream alive. Christine and her teammates embark on a rollicking quest for the national title that is ostensibly about football, but when tragedy strikes, ultimately becomes a meditation on being different and requires Christine to re-examine herself, her motives and the choices she’s made.


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