Sharon’s Undefeated Season

Although the New York Sharks, with their sixth win, had already cemented their title as the IWFL Eastern Division Champions, they were still driven by an unseen but easily felt force – their late captain and teammate, Sharon Pascale, #51.

As most who follow the Sharks and the IWFL are aware, the team lost Sharon, their starting linebacker and co-captain to an early morning car accident on Christmas Day 2001. The Sharks publicly dedicated their entire 2002 season to honoring Sharon’s memory. They privately promised her the undefeated season that she always knew they could accomplish.

Sharon, in her all-too-short time with us, was an inspiration to everyone and everything around her. She showed others that with strength of character, not just body, you could achieve anything you set your sights on. She was more than just a talented athlete and a leader amongst peers. She was a teacher, a cousin, an aunt, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. She played football (and softball) the way she lived her life: hard and all-out, gaining and sharing wisdom, maintaining dignity and humor above all.

In winning the last two games of their 2002 season, the Sharks did something much more significant than reserving a spot for themselves in the IWFL Championship Game. They kept a promise made to a fallen comrade in the darkest hours and saddest times. The team persevered when they felt they could not go on. They banded together when they felt like falling apart. They gave back that 110% that Sharon always afforded them… and having done so, completed a perfect season.

This one’s for you, Sharon! May your grace and laughter shine over us and show through us… guiding us down the field of life.

Ariadne “Red” DeGarr
NY Sharks, #86 – DT